Climate Detectives 2022-2023 timeline

16 September 2022

Phase 1 – Identify a climate problem

In this phase teams have to identify a climate problem that they would like to investigate as “Climate Detectives”and submit their investigation plan.

24 November 2022

Phase 1 – Deadline to submit investigation plan

Scientists in the field of Earth observation and climate will review the investigation plans and give their feedback to all teams participating in the project.

1 December 2022

Phase 2 – Investigate the climate problem

In this phase, students will collect, analyse and compare data to draw conclusions about the problem they are investigating.

5 April 2023

Phase 3 – Share results and make a difference

We can all make a difference! Based on the results of their investigations, students will decide on the actions they want to take to help address the climate problem. Teams share their work with the ESA Climate Detectives community.

4 May 2023

Phase 3 – Deadline to share results

By the end of the project all teams that share their results will receive a certificate of participation by email.

31 May 2023

Final Online Event

After a year of Climate Detectives work, is time to celebrate!