Country under Threat – The prospects for life on small islands

Brief description In this set of four activities pupils will learn about the causes and potential impacts of sea-level rise while developing core scientific skills. The activities introduce the context by using a case study and students will develop instructional writing skills. Practical activities exploring two of the main contributors to sea-level rise give opportunities […]

The ice is melting – How can we investigate the effects of melting ice?

Brief description In this set of four activities, pupils will explore the impacts of global warming and melting ice on the Earth. They will learn the difference between land ice and sea ice, and will investigate the respective effects of these melting. They will then design their own experiment to examine how melting ice changes […]

Astro farmer

Brief description:In this set of six activities, students will investigate which factors affect plant growth, and relate these factors to growing plants in space. Students will learn that plants need air, light, water, nutrients and a stable temperature to grow. Students will observe what happens to plants when they vary some of these factors. These […]