Climate Detectives Projects 2018-2019

Project topic: Climate change

Project title: Climatic Change in Piedmont- A Bibliographyc Investigation.

Team: 1C Cattaneospacenter

2018-2019   Scientific High School   Turin   Italy   27 Student’s age: 14-15

Summary of the project

We are living in Piedmont, NW-Italy. Piedmont is facing many problems because the climatic changes. We desired to achieve a global and as much as possible exhaustive view of the climatic change effecting Piedmont. To fulfil our goals, the classroom was subdivided into six teams. Each team investigated a specific aspect of the climatic change in Piedmont. The topic studied by the six classroom teams are the following: (1) changes in the temperatures; (2) changes in the snow and rainfall rates; (3) smelting of the Alpine glaciers; (3) changes in the streams flow; (4) effects of the climatic change on fauna and flora; (5) effects of climatic change on human health; (6) how mitigate the climatic change in Piedmont. We studied the available bibliographic data.

Main results

Is resulting from our investigation that Piedmont, NW Italy, is strongly affect by climatic change in all the aspects we have considered. Particular worrisome are the effect of the global change on wildlife, agricultural crops and human health. We conclude that is urgent to solve the problem of greenhouse gasses emissions in order to save the Piedmont and the planet Earth. In our work we have considered many bibliographic sources and compared ones which others by the cross validation method. We believes that we have collect data enough to achieve a picture broad but fundamentally adherent to reality about the problems that the climatic change pose to Piedmont land. We know that our presentation is posing many questions, particularly regarding the quantitative aspects of our investigation. Our investigation on the other hand it an initial approaches to the investigation on the effects of the climatic change in Piedmont, and we are planning to detail it more quantitatively in the next future. At the present time, we are working to promoting our preliminary results beside the community. The classroom team therefore coded a web site: “Cattaneo Space Center” web site, where the results of the investigation can be widespread.

Actions to help lessen the problem

Our investigation are suggesting us that to mitigate the climatic change in Piedmont the following procedures could be useful: (1) to decrease the energy consumption; (2) to decrease the waste production; (3) decrease the industrial emissions; (4) decrease the meat consumption; (5) increase the public transportation; (6) decrease the private transportation; (6) increase the renewable energy supply; (7) increase the recycling rates. We believe that to disseminate the results of our investigation on the climatic change in Piedmont could make the difference. We are planning to disseminate the results of our investigation activating a you tube channel and coding a web site:

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