Project topic: Agriculture

Project title: Rainfed crops in the countryside of Jerez

Team: Los Trigueros

IES Fernando Savater   Jerez de la Frontera   Spain   6 Student’s age: 14-15 years old

Research question

How does climate change affect the production of rainfed crops in the Jerez countryside? Have there been changes in the types of crops and their varieties due to climate change?

Summary of the project

We observe that in the countryside of Jerez, which extends around our city, the rains are less frequent and sometimes they occur torrentially. We wonder if there has indeed been a change in the rainfall pattern in our area, and we are concerned if the changes have harmed the numerous rainfed crops that exist in our area.
Rainfed crops depend exclusively on the rains that occur in that hydrological year and crops such as cereals, beets, sunflowers, cotton and vineyards may be affected. We want to find out what has happened in recent years with these crops, if there have been changes in production, if the types of crops have changed or even if the varieties grown in our area have changed.

Main results and Conclusions
Poster of our research (in Spanish)

Seasonal variation of humidity is observed. There has been a slight decrease in humidity in recent years.
We have not been able to analyze in detail whether there have been changes in the types of crops.
We must study how to adapt our rainfed crops to lower humidity.

What’s Next? Actions to make a difference and help lessen the problem

We will show the results to the educational community, participating in a science fair.
We will study in more detail the different types of crops in the countryside. We will try to find out how they are adapting to climate change.

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