Climate Detectives Projects 2018-2019

Project topic: Climate change



2018-2019   IES MEDITERRÁNEO   CARTAGENA   Spain   8 Student’s age: 12-13

Summary of the project

The UN’s latest report on Climate Change (IPCC) says the planet will reach the threshold of 1,5 degrees Celsius above 2030 levels, then we will face catastrophic climate change. As global warming becomes more visible on our planet, its effects become more noticeable. Natural disasters related to climate, extreme weather phenomena and invasive species. We are experiencing a reduction in precipitation reaching long waves of heat. Extreme heat and drought have consequences for agriculture. Our working tools to specify atmospheric behavior, establish conclusions and be able to compare them with historical data is our own weather station installed in our institute and the EO Browser. The pluviometer of our weather station indicated that 295 liters/m2 fell in two days of April. If we had been able to store them all, we would have more than 70.000 million liters of water, so we would have water for the whole summer. Once we have analyzed the problem and the consequences we orient our project to the storage of rainwater for later use in our garden and our future greenhouse.Getting to grow fruits, vegetables, etc… . Garden at the disposal of the entire educational center in which all students participate in its conservation and maintenance. Thanks to the installation of our tanks we have managed to store more than 20.000 liters and distribute it through irrigation pipes to reach our crops.

Main results

After recording our daily readings, the charts give us some results. From 7-1-19 to 26-5-19 there have been long periods of zero precipitation. Having torrential precipitation punctually. This has occurred in circumstances where minimum temperatures ranged from 10ºC-13 ºC and maximum temperatures from 25ºC-30ºC. Therefore, due to such abundant rainfall in such a short period and lack of rainfall in other months, it confirms that our Region is being affected by drought and severe desertification. Why do we say there is desertification? Because these torrential rains drag the fertile soil.

Actions to help lessen the problem

Water is an increasingly important and scarce natural resource in our environment, so one of the solutions to reduce the effects of climate change is better planning and use of rainwater. Our team has found a solution and it is to store rainwater in tanks, to which applying different techniques we manage to prolong the duration of the water. Guaranteeing to keep it in an optimal state for its use, working on the necessary treatment for the storage and conservation of the same. It succeeded in tackling the problem of continuing education and in making better use of rainwater. Why is this a solution? Because if each house had installed at least one rain deposit, in a city like Cartagena with more than 250 km2 built, for each litre/m2 of water collected would save 250.000 liters of water. Another solution to combat climate change would be the use of plant roofs on the roofs of homes, acting as a thermal regulator. Since in summer it would reduce the temperature inside the house and in reverse would increase the temperature inside the house

Project video

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