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Climate Detectives (investigation category)

Team: Climates-schoolmates

Greece 6 years old and younger   11 /

Project title:

My earth is my place

Research question

Why floods happen?

Identify the local environmental/climate problem you want to investigate

The local environmental problem that has influenced us is about floods. Our country this year had a terrible flood that destroyed some region totally. With our school we have collected things for schools that are completely overflowed and in brainstorming about that problem we understood that fires and floods are very often…so we decided to find out about that problem…

Project topic

Climate change

Describe how you plan to investigate the problem identified and which data you plan to analyse.

Your feedback

Expert feedback Phase 1 - 2023-2024
Is the suggested problem a problem that the students can actually investigate? Is it feasible, realistic? Please explain why or why not. Is the relation with climate/local environment worked out? Where necessary indicate the wider scientific context to which the identified problem belongs.