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Climate Detectives is back

Did you know you can make a difference in understanding and protecting planet Earth? Join Climate Detectives and find out!

Your investigation can focus on climate change but also on everything about our planet Earth and its care: the environment, sustainable ways of living, biodiversity, air quality, forests, oceans and much more.

Be curious and become a Climate Detective! Together, student detectives are working to protect our planet!

Climate Detectives is run by ESA in collaboration with its ESERO network.

Engagement level

Teams can now choose between two levels of engagement. 

By participating in the new beginner’s category, Climate Detectives Kids, teams can complete fun hands-on activities, and earn badges to become a certified detective of climate and the Earth!

For a bigger challenge, teams can complete a full investigation of their choice: identify the problem they want to analyse, collect data, and share their results with the Climate Detectives community. Selected teams will be invited for an exciting learning and celebration event at the end of this school year!

Climate Detectives Kids

Complete Earth related activities, collect evidences and earn Detectives badges!

Climate Detectives

Work as a scientist! Plan your investigation, collect your data, and present your findings.

Climate Detectives Projects Galleries 2022-2023

Get inspired with these amazing projects developed by teams from all over Europe during last year’s edition. For more projects visit the Climate Detectives project gallery.

  Climate change
Group 2 – Question 2 Biodiversity and . . . climate change in Lower Aragon
 Alcañiz – Spain
  Floods & droughts
 Portimão – Portugal
  Climate change
  Flora & Fauna
Farmland bird study: Studying the . . . effects of climate change on the reproductive ecology of birds of prey in Kilkis
 Kilkis – Greece