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Team: Cycle Team

Ireland 16 years old   6 / 0

Project title:

Analysis of school transportation and an action plan promoting cycling.

Research question

Can a cycle to school initiative help reduce air pollution associated with fossil fuel vehicles?

Identify the local environmental/climate problem you want to investigate

The local climate problem we are investigating is air pollution associated with the overuse of fossil fuel dependent vehicles in the transportation of students to Deele College, Raphoe, Co Donegal. We will be conducting experiments and surveys to find out the air quality around the school and a way to reduce over reliance on fossil fuel vehicles. Our data collection will involve an air quality monitor, investigating lichen present on trees around the school and a survey on how students get to and from school. We also plan to run an initiative to promote the use of cycling as an environmentally friendly means of transport to school.

Project topic

Air pollution

Describe how you plan to investigate the problem identified and which data you plan to analyse.

We plan to investigate the climate problem by looking at the amount of emissions produced by buses parked/ideal and how using bikes as a transport could decrease the amount of greenhouse gases emitted at the bus stop/bottom of the school.

We plan on using data and also carrying out surveys to add to our project and give us some more answers on what the problem is.

Your feedback

Expert feedback Phase 1 - 2023-2024
Is the suggested problem a problem that the students can actually investigate? Is it feasible, realistic? Please explain why or why not. Is the relation with climate/local environment worked out? Where necessary indicate the wider scientific context to which the identified problem belongs.