Project topic: Climate change

Project title: The DANA’s stalk the Mar Menor

Team: Mar Menor Detectives

Calle Coral, 44   Cartagena   Spain   4 Student’s age: 12-13 years old

Research question

Is there a direct relationship between climate change and the effects it produces with the pollution situation that the Mar Menor is suffering?

Summary of the project
Mar Menor.

Our project tries to analyze and verify if climate change generates more temperature and more adverse atmospheric effects and if these have any relationship with the pollution that is affecting the Mar Menor. We have also investigated when the periods of anoxia have occurred in which the fish and other animals in the salty lagoon run out of oxygen and how to reverse it before these are the order of the day.

Main results and Conclusions

At the end of our research we have determined that climate change generates more temperature and more adverse atmospheric phenomena.
We have also determined when anoxia and exponential drops in temperature appear.
But more importantly, we’ve figured out how to prevent this from happening by looking at when and how colors appear. And when this happens, provide it by oxygenating the water with activities such as water mills or hydro motors that move the water and fill it with oxygen.

What’s Next? Actions to make a difference and help lessen the problem

A possible solution could be to observe when the colors appear that indicate that within approximately 10 days anoxia will occur and oxygenate the water naturally, with water mills, with boats…
And a possible solution to reverse climate change and to stop an increase in temperature and adverse atmospheric phenomena could be to use more public transport and more renewable energies such as wind energy, solar energy, hydraulic energy …

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