Project topic: Air pollution

Project title: store to breathe

Team: sbAR

AEJBV   SĂŁo BrĂĄs de Alportel   Portugal   4 Student’s age: 14-15 years old

Research question

How do industries in the Mesquita region affect air quality

Summary of the project
Particles in the population houses

This project aims to investigate the air quality in the Mosque. The discovery of the existence of an organic composting plant, which releases smoke, was the starting point to investigate air quality in the region.
To investigate air quality and recurrent events, residents and a company worker were
interviewed. Samples were delivered for evaluation to perform the analysis. However, due to lack of conditions and resources it was not possible to carry it out. Then, reports of air quality from the factory were made available and with them were compared the general parameters of air quality.

Main results and Conclusions
Evolution of ozone and sulphur dioxide

It was concluded that the plant complies with the parameters imposed on the amount of particlegases suspended in the air.
Most of the complaints came from a problem that has now been resolved. Finally, it was concluded that air quality was not so negatively affected as it had an influence on health but on the daily life of the inhabitants.

What’s Next? Actions to make a difference and help lessen the problem
awareness-raising actions- planting aromatic herbs with the children

As a start of the awareness campaign was given an interview to the local newspaper to alert the population and talk about the purpose of this work and this investigation.
After hearing the residents’ discontent, highlighting the odors from the smoke, it was decided a trip to the primary school of the Mosque to plant aromatic flowers with one of the classes and the localities of the residents.

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