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Phase 3 Projects Submission-2020/2021 – Climate detectives
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Phase 3 Projects Submission-2020/2021

Phase 3: Project Submission 2020-2021

Welcome Climate Detectives!

Please share your results and a summary of the project(s) using the form below. If you are supervising more than 1 team with different research topics, please submit separate submissions for each team/topic. Note that all submissions should be made in English and the deadline to submit is Wednesday, 26 May 2021.

NOTE: The ESA Education Office is responsible for the Agency’s corporate education programme of youth from ESA Member States. The main goal of the Climate Detectives project is to improve the younger generation’s awareness and knowledge of Earth’s climate. Please note that youth deserve the highest level of data protection and therefore do not include any personal data on the children or youth. Please do not include in the open files any data which identifies or is likely to identify a child or youth. For instance, names, specific comments of children or similar input linked with a children’s name.

If you have any questions, please contact

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