How to apply

As temperatures rise, raising awareness about climate change and its consequences becomes more and more important. How do scientists investigate climate and what is the difference between weather and climate?

Watch last year’s Climate Detectives webinar to get answers to these questions:

Investigating climate

Weather, climate variability and climate change

“How can this image be used to raise awareness about climate change?” is one of the leading questions in this challenge. Watch the following video of Dr. Natalie Douglas talking about the causes and consequences of climate change to find some possible ideas for your image description.

Causes and consequences of climate change

To understand climate change, a global perspective is needed and this can be provided by satellites. Watch ESA and climate change video and learn how European satellites keep watch over our world.

ESA and climate change

If you want to have a more interactive look at climate, try the Climate from Space App. See the changes through time of sea surface temperature, sea level, sea ice, carbon dioxide, and many more. Play, pause, and go step by step through the years of data zoom in and use the buttons along the bottom to compare the data sets and switch beteen a globe and a map view.