Namib Orange

This image of the Namib Desert in Western Namibia shows the dark orange of brown colours of the desert, a desert which at 55 Million years old is the oldest desert in the world. Although the desert only has an average yearly rainfall of less than 1cm, fog is actually very common. Despite this the […]

Section of amazon

Extremely high values, displayed with white, usually suggest the absence of chlorophyll as well. Though they generally represent either bare ground, rock or clouds. The chlorophyll values in between range from red (low chlorophyll values) to dark green (high chlorophyll values) and can be used to determine vegetation health.  This image clearly shows a section […]

EXAMPLE: Colourful Naukluft

The image shows the Namib Naukluft Park in western Namibia. The National Park includes part of the Namib – the world’s oldest desert. It is the largest wild animal park in Africa and the fourth largest in the world. When visiting the park, you can observe wild animals such as snakes, geckos, hyenas and jackals […]