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Projects gallery 2020-2021 – Climate detectives
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Projects gallery 2020-2021

Climate Detectives Projects 2020-2021

Project topic: Agriculture

Project title: The climate Apple

Team: Asturias Investigation

CP Manuel Alvarez Iglesias   ASTURIAS   Spain   18 8Student’s age: 10-11 years old

Research question

Does climate change affect apple production and cider in Asturias?

Summary of the project

Students have researched temperature (weather stations), sulfur (EO Browser, Sentinel) and apple production data in Asturias (certificate of origin of Asturian apple). They’ve sorted them on charts for years, and they’ve been looking for their relationship.
It has also been very important to provide experts in the cultivation of apples, to understand the behavior of this fruit in terms of flowering and development (SERIDA)

Main results and Conclusions
Mail results

Over time the planet is warming, but there is no direct relationship to the variations of apple kilogrames collected. Sulphur (S) levels have declined in recent years. Appletree needs a few hours of annual cold and hot for its production to be effective, so it is anticipated that if the upward trend in temperature continues, production may be compromised in the future.

What’s Next? Actions to help lessen the problem
Apple blossom

Actions to make a difference and to mitigate the problem: Running CO2 reduction campaigns; building heated greenhouses

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