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Projects gallery 2020-2021 – Climate detectives
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Projects gallery 2020-2021

Climate Detectives Projects 2020-2021


Project topic: Cities


Team: AEEA Clima MG

Marcelo Gago Public School   Aviles   Spain   22 11Student’s age: 10-11 years old, 12-13 years old

Research question

Is the pollution increasing because of the climate change?

Summary of the project

Our school is in the industrial city of Aviles. It is believed that our city is polluted but… is it right? . We are working to do a scientific study of research using air quality detector and metorological station. Our students are investigating the air quality. For this reason, we have our own weather station at school, and we share the information in the webpage We usually measure the pressure, the temperature, the precipitation, the speed and the direction of the wind as well as the number of aerosols microparticles in the air.

Main results and Conclusions

As a conclusion, we can say that:
– The air in our city is good.
– We have noticed an event of aerosol pollution from the Sahara Desert.
– The air quality improves after some rainy days.
– We haven´t enough information about the direction of the wind.

What’s Next? Actions to help lessen the problem

The first thing is to highlight the need for more sampling and meanwhile more time from the school center, perhaps for other courses and students to be able to compare longer-term data and better assess our hypotheses.
Using the data from the fixed stations, it would be interesting indicate the better time to do sports or physical activity outside because the Air Quality Index varies on the same day by hours. As well as generate a system of alerts to the population with recommendations like the INCA-MITECO website is done, but at the local level.
Propose to the competent authorities that the Culture Environmental leisure and free time with the use of Index factor Air Quality as data to take into account with the creation of a more accessible alert and recommendation system for the general public where it is possible to plan and report almost in real time from healthy air conditions.

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