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Project topic: Climate change

Project title: Del Cabeza al Río

Team: Río Viejo

Calle Argimiro Rodríguez Álvarez   Andújar   Spain   22 Student’s age: 14-15 years old

Research question

Is our Guadalquivir river still a “BIG” river and integrated in our locality?

Summary of the project
Investigation process

The Guadalquivir river as it passes through our town, Andújar, has suffered a very pronounced deterioration in recent times. Its riparian forest is highly degraded and heavily polluted with multiple waste and discharges. The quality and quantity of water is poor. All this causes the town of Andújar to live with its back to a river that was historically integrated into the town.

Main results and Conclusions
Roman bridge of Andujar

Our river and its banks are very degraded. Much due to climate change and lack of rainfall. It also influences the high temperatures reached and the lengthening of the summer period. The environment suffers quite a few impacts, especially waste and discharges that do not contribute to improving its image. We must integrate the river into our city as years ago, and make it a place of leisure and enjoyment, since our ancestors settled in this area thanks to our magnificent river.

What’s Next? Actions to make a difference and help lessen the problem

After debating the corrective measures in the face of climate change and more specifically on the state of our river, we propose the following measures:

+Cleaning raid on the Guadalquivir riverbank, area studied)

+There is a complaint from the AMECO association of Andújar about illegal dumping.

+ Propose to the city council that the river be integrated into the city by creating a greenway.

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