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Project topic: Climate change

Project title: Cumbre vieja  volcano eruption

Team: Spaniards in The Netherlands

Van Voorschotenlaan 26¬†¬† Den Haag ¬† Netherlands ¬† 4 Student’s age: 12-13 years old

Research question

How does the eruption affect climate change?

Summary of the project

Cumbre Vieja is a volcano in La Palma, Islas Canarias (in Spain). Cumbre Vieja erupted the19th September 2021. The lava touched the water and created a gas that is toxic.

Main results and Conclusions

The gases produced by  the volcano are: SO2, frequently appear to increase the oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere resulting in very fast warming. Some rain becomes extreme when millions of cubic kilometers of basalt are erupted in much less than one million years. CO2 is also produced by a volcanic eruption.

Gases are produced when lava touches the water. The effect of theses gases are:

– CO2:¬†Increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide are responsible for about two-thirds of the total energy imbalance that is causing Earth’s temperature to rise. A¬†volcano¬†can release 10 million tonnes of¬†CO2 in 9 hours.¬†

РHCl: It thus forms a component of acid rain. It also contributes to the processes that cause photochemical smog.

РSO2: SO2 and other sulfur oxides can contribute to acid rain which can harm sensitive ecosystems.

CONLCUSION: Our conclusion is that it clearly affects climate change because the gases produced by the eruption are raised up in the sky and they are bad for people’s and animal’s¬†¬†health.¬†

What’s Next? Actions to make a difference and help lessen the problem
Are goint to be the volcanoes a source of Renewable Geothermal Energy?

Right now we can’t fix the problem completely. But we can balance it by reducing gases we make with this tricks:

– Use more electric alternatives¬†(electric cars…).
– Switch to renewable energy.
– Plant more trees.
РBe more conservative with energy usage

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Project poster:

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Project presentation

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