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Project topic: Flora & Fauna

Project title: Extinction of animals and plants

Team: Ramses

IES Fernando Savater   Jerez de la Frontera   Spain   4 Student’s age: 14-15 years old

Research question

What factors influence the extinction of a species? Is there a relationship between the extinction of species and climate change?

Summary of the project

We have read several articles about the problem of the extinction of animal and plant species on our planet. This has made us wonder if this problem is also occurring in natural areas that are close to us, such as the Doñana National Park and natural parks such as Bahía de Cádiz or Sierra de Grazalema. We want to investigate how the situation is regarding the extinction of animal and plant species, what are the main factors that influence and finally what relationship exists between the extinction of species and climate change. We will try to develop these ideas in two natural areas close to us, such as the Bahía de Cádiz natural park and the Sierra de Grazalema natural park.

Main results and Conclusions
Poster of our research (in Spanish)

We show, by way of example, four well-known animal species in Andalusia, which are in danger of extinction. We also show a species such as the chameleon, which lives with humans in the orchards near our institute.
The percentage of endangered species is high, especially amphibians.
We have observed that climate change influences the extinction problem, but it is not particularly relevant.
We see that the main factor is the degradation of the habitat of these species.

What’s Next? Actions to make a difference and help lessen the problem

Research animal species near our school that may be in danger of extinction.
Design a campaign to raise awareness in the educational community.

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Project poster:

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