Climate Detectives Projects 2022-2023

Project topic: Flora & Fauna

Project title: The Extinction of Arctic Char

Team: Happy Chars

Presentation Community College Terenure   Dublin 6W   Ireland   3 Student’s age: 14-15 years old, 16-17 years old

Research question

Why are Arctic Char going extinct and what can we do?

Summary of the project
We measured the temperature of the Dodder in three different locations.

For our investigation process on this issue, we measured water temperatures in the river Dodder located in Dublin. This is a river in Ireland in which Arctic Char are not present. Then, we researched the river temperatures in waters in which they were present. To point out this issue, we compared the two different temperatures to prove that Arctic Char waters have a higher temperature.
For this, we used a thermometer that measures water temperature. We dropped it in the river and took a note of the temperature.
To compare the results, we then researched water temperatures where Artic Char were present and took note of that as well.

Main results and Conclusions
The temperature overlook of Lough Corrib, a lake where Arctic Char were present. (source:

Comparing our results of water temperatures in waters where Arctic Char are not present to the waters where they were, we can see that the temperatures of their native waters are similar. Therefore, this is proof of our main reason for their extinction: Arctic Char are going extinct because of temperature rise in their native waters. As they are not and couldn’t be present in the Dodder, which is of a similar temperature to Lough Corrib.

What’s Next? Actions to make a difference and help lessen the problem

To help lessen the extinction of Arctic Char we must stop the introduction of non-native fish to waters where Arctic Char are present. We must also stop using so many harmful chemicals for agriculture such as phosphate near their native waters so we can prevent the chemicals damaging the water and aquatic ecosystem. Also related to agriculture, water withdrawals also need to be minimized. And finally, we must raise awareness about this issue so that society can act out.

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