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Projects gallery 2020-2021 – Climate detectives
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Projects gallery 2020-2021

Climate Detectives Projects 2020-2021


Project topic: Climate change

Project title: How is life at the coast affected if the water level rises?

Team: Team 3 Skals

Skals-Ulbjerg Skole   Skals   Denmark   2 2Student’s age: 10-11 years old, 12-13 years old

Research question

How is the Limfjord affected if the temperature rises?

Summary of the project
An eco system

If the temperature rises, e.g. the inland ice is melting, which means that the water level will rise in the oceans and thus also in the Limfjord a fiord in Northern Jutland, Denmark, and this will have consequences for the animals and plants that live in and around the Limfjord.
If the temperature rises above the water, it also rises in the water, and this will also have consequences for the fish, which have adapted to living conditions at the temperature they have been accustomed to. Thus, more fish and plant species will die. So we will analyse the ecosystem and it changes.

Main results and Conclusions

We are still not finished

What’s Next? Actions to help lessen the problem

To continue analyzing data and make different experiments

Project poster:

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