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Projects gallery 2019-2020 – Climate detectives
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Projects gallery 2019-2020


Climate Detectives Projects 2019-2020

Project topic: Air pollution

Project title: Climat Detectives school project 2019-2020

Team: Ecological Gang

2019-2020   SP 375 im. Orlat Lwowskich   Warsaw   Poland   6 Student’s age: 12-13

Summary of the project

Data have been gathered from a website – By looking at our data, it can be concluded, that snow precipitation has visibly decreased in the last 30 years. In the first measurement period (1990-2000), snow precipitation has been substantially higher in February (highest measurement reaching 3m 38cm for the whole month, in 1991). In the last decade on the other hand, we observed higher snow precipitation in month of January (highest measurement reaching 1m 22cm for the whole month, in 2016). However, in years 2000-2010, precipitation reached even 9m of snow, which is an incredible volume in comparison with last winter of 2020, during which in Warsaw January and February were entirely snowless. Temperature doesn’t vary as much as snow precipitation does. As a fact, it does not drop as low as it used to before. It is also worth mentioning, that the second decade being studied showed anomalously high snow precipitation and low temperature in January, when compared to other decades we have studied.

Main results

The data collected over the years shows the climate change that took place in 1990–2020. The average temperature increased slightly and the snowfall decreased. In the years 1990 to 2000, winter temperatures dropped to just -5.54 ° C, snowfall was also higher (except 2010 and 2011). However, in 2020 the average temperature was 4.8 ° C ( in January) and 3.1 ° C ( in February), and snowfall almost didn’t occur. Our research confirms scientists’ research that winters in our climate are becoming milder and snowfall is getting scarcer. It is very harmful for our planet and the organisms inhabiting it. By melting glaciers it is possible to increase the water level, which in Poland may cause the inundation of Hel, and in the world even more havoc. Low snowfall also has a negative impact on our planet, which may cause drought in the future. We hope that by participating in this project, we will help prevent any of the catastrophic events mentioned above. We would like to propose some measures that would help our planet. Why is the temperature rising? The temperature rise is mainly due to global warming. Although most research is focused on changes up to 2100, global warming and rising sea levels can last more than a thousand years, even if greenhouse gas emissions stabilize. Based on direct measurements, it was determined that the average global temperature of lands and oceans increased by 0.75 ° C in relation to the period of 1860–1900. This value is slightly burdened with measurement uncertainty due to the urban heat island effect of 0.002 ° C per decade. Satellite measurements of the temperature carried out in the lower troposphere show that the temperature increased by about 0.12-0.22 ° C per decade. There are scientific articles, however, suggesting the invaluable influence of the sun on current warming. Researchers Bruce West and Nicola Scafetta of Duke University estimate that the Sun has contributed about 45-50% of the increase in average global surface temperature in 1900–2000 and about 25–35% in 1980–2000. Climate warming was also influenced by atmospheric particles suspended in the air (aerosols) and particles of volcanic origin emitted by man in 1960–1990. If we introduce the following actions, we can cause the increasing rate of global warming come down a little.

Actions to help lessen the problem

We should stop using buses or cars. Instead, we should use more eco-friendly means of transport, like bikes, scooters or rollerblades. This will lead to cutting down of greenhouse gases emissions. We would also take care of our health and fitness. Tree planting – “1 student – 1 tree” campaign – larger amounts of oxygen and carbon monoxide (IV) are absorbed. Creating an organization at school = such an organization will raise awareness of problems and suggestions about the steps we can take. We should also consider encouraging the community to segregate waste by inserting more segregation bins in public facilities, organizing events for the local community and more students of the school promoting waste segregation. During such an event, workshops would take place and its participants would prepare everyday items (e.g. armchairs) using plastic (e.g. plastic bottles).

Projects are created by the teams and they take the full responsibility of the shared data.
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