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Projects gallery 2019-2020 – Climate detectives
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Projects gallery 2019-2020


Climate Detectives Projects 2019-2020

Project topic: Global warming


Team: Biodetectives33

2019-2020   SECONDARY SCHOOL 33 GALAȚI (ȘCOALA GIMNAZIALĂ NR. 33 GALAȚI)   Galați   Romania   22 Student’s age: 12-13

Summary of the project

Our city, Galati is located in Romania, along the Danube river, near Danube Delta. Galati is facing environmental problems related with industrial pollution (amajor steelplant is located in our neighbourhood), urban traffic, reduced green spaces. All these factors influence biodiversity in our city and, also, has a contribution to climate change. Considering that green spaces are biodiversity cores in urban areas, our team proposed a short research about biodiversity (vegetation type, trees species, fauna species, etc.) in our neighborhood (Micro 39 district, Public Garden and Lower bank of the Danube) and analyze some of ecosystem services that these green spaces provide to people. Our team taked a short inventory of green spaces located in our district (Micro 39, Public Garden, Lower bank of Danube. This short inventory was made by measuring, taking photos of green spaces and identify types of vegetation in our schoolyard. For abiotic factors , students measured physical parameters using phone application, EO Browser or direct measurements (temperature, humidity, light) For biotic factors, they took pictures in schoolyard, in our neighbourhood and also on in Public Garden and Lower Bank of Danube. Also, we made field observations of fauna and flora together with EPA representatives. Students presented their work in the classroom and discuss about future actions to take.

Main results

– Graphs regarding physical parameters (light, temperature) – Aerial photos used for surface measurement – Photos with specific fauna and flora – Students projects about ecosystems services – A list of possible ecosystem services provided from green spaces in our city (recreational, good quality air, providing services) – Informed and determined students

Actions to help lessen the problem

In our neighbourhood surfaces of green spaces are good represented but they need more attention from local community. In the future we intend to develop a plan for improve quality of environmental factors: inform people, create new green spaces, obtain support for ecological project. Also, we intend to extend this kind of project in students from primary classes and become their mentors in order to contribute to a sustainable education.

Project video

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