Climate Detectives Projects 2019-2020

Project topic: Cities

Project title: Eco Seekers

Team: Eden on Earth

2019-2020   National College of Informatics Matei Basarab   Ramnicu Valcea   Romania   28 Student’s age: 12-13

Summary of the project

In the beginning of our project we aimed to determine facts about the thinning of the ozone layer because of the freon presence in human activities, and also to determine the presence of radiation using a device Geyger. The limited financial resources did not allow us to purchase such a device ( also relevant to the fact that we do not believe sources of ionizing radiation exist in the city ) , and that is the reason why we focused on measurements regarding electromagnetic radiation. For these determinations we used an electromagnetic radiation tester device. Because we did not know a lot about electromagnetic waves we began a documenting campaign and we had the opportunity to participate in a meeting with the scientist Cristian Presura organised by the County Library Antim Ivireanu in Valcea County, during which we found out more about 5G technology and the effect that electromagnetic waves have upon all life on Earth. We have continued our research by reading books on the subject and watching short documentaries. We have to admit that at the start of the campaign we knew very little, but us and out peers ( because we promoted the event in our school through the student council ) are now much more prepared to provide answers. The measurements we recorded using the device were diverse and shocked us, because the values that it showed varied between very short distances, such as from a building a to another right across the street, and even at the exact same place but during different time periods. Shockingly enough, the highest values and not found in places in the vicinity of telephone lines, antennas and not even in front of the pulmonology hospital, but in front of drug stores, buildings, schools and banks. The fact that we had no source of inspiration in the determinations we have concluded, which makes the project unique, made our campaign unroll with difficulty in the beginning, but because our objective and the steps we must take to achieve it are much more clear we aim to continue the project in the following year as well.

Main results

We walked around the city with the device and the values we recieved were diverse between very short time periods. These variations have made it difficult for us to record appropiate data that can be interpreted mathematically ( graph ), because the data recordings have to be around the clock and time did not allow us, instead they helped us make a map of places in the city where unexpected values can be recorded. The unfortunate spreading of the global pandemic has made it impossible for us to continue in our pursuit.

Actions to help lessen the problem

We have helped spread the word on the dangers of the ever-growing level of electromagnetic radiation. The students our age know very little about quantum physics, but we can say that at the moment, a passion for the topic has appeared in the minds of many. We have planted acorns in pots, from which trees have sprung in their early stages, trees that we intend on planting in city parks when we will be allowed to. In this manner, we hope to contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

Project video

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