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Projects gallery 2019-2020 – Climate detectives
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Projects gallery 2019-2020


Climate Detectives Projects 2019-2020

Project topic: Snow, ice and permafrost

Project title: Polar Detectives

Team: Polar Detectives

2019-2020   CED Nossa Senhora da Conceição – Casa Pia de Lisboa   Lisboa   Portugal   24 Student’s age: 10-11

Summary of the project

First, the students studied some characteristics of Antarctica in History and Science. In Portuguese, they read some news about the problems Antarctica is facing due to global warming, and in Science the students experimented and observed the causes of global warming (ice-melting and acid rain). In ICT they understood the importance of satellites for the Planet´s observation, in particularly of the changes that occur in Antarctica and in visual education they draw its flag. They finished thinking about their actions and the way they influence global warning, and built a comic about the topic.

Main results

Through the experiences and news the studentes were able to verify the consequences of the thaw and acid rain. Could not complete or collect more data due to COVID19 (Closed School).

Actions to help lessen the problem

With the school closed and the project in the middle, the students were able to understand that our attitudes affect even the most distant beings and made awareness posters, with drawings and in BD

Projects are created by the teams and they take the full responsibility of the shared data.
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