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How to apply?

Team up and read carefully the guidelines of the project.

In Phase 1, teams have to register online and submit their investigation plan. Teams have until 24 November 2022 to submit their investigation plan.

Teams from a country with a National Coordinator (*) should register and submit their investigation plan through it. For more information see the list of National Coordinators below.

For the 2022-2023 edition Teams from France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Malta, have to apply to the project through the ESA Education office and the entries must be submitted in English. Teams from Ireland not participating in the Climate Detectives Crossing STEM Pilot also have to apply through the ESA Education office.

Who can participate?

• Participation is open to teams from 8 up to (and including) 19 years old.
• Teams must be comprised of a minimum of two students up to the whole class.
• Each team must be supervised by a teacher or mentor acting as the team’s point of contact with ESA’s Education Office and, where applicable, with the respective National Coordinator.
• At least 50% of the team members must have the nationality of an ESA Member State. Further to the 22 Member States, also Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia, based on their agreements with ESA, qualify to fully participate in the programmes of the ESA Education Office. In the framework of the current collaboration agreement between ESA and the Republic of Malta, teams from Malta can also participate in the Climate Detectives project.

(*) National Coordinators for Climate Detectives 2022-2023:

ESERO Austria
ESERO Belgium
ESERO Czech Republic
ESERO Denmark
ESERO Estonia
ESERO Finland
ESERO Greece
ESERO Ireland
ESERO Luxembourg
ESERO Poland
ESERO Norway
ESERO Portugal
ESERO Sweden