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Klimaatdetectives (onderzoekscategorie)

Team: De duurzame

Griekenland 16 jaar oud   25 / 18


"Duurzaamheid is een manier van leven"


Hoe kunnen we mensen bewuster maken van duurzame ontwikkeling, zodat ze beseffen dat elke beweging van ieder van ons het verschil kan maken?

Identificeer het lokale milieu-/klimaatprobleem dat u wilt onderzoeken

The problem that we intend to investigate is the carbon footprint of all the members of the school community and the extent to which it is further increasing the carbon footprint of our wider area and the resulting effects on climate change.
We will examine thoroughly the everyday activities of both the teachers and the students as far as the way we go to and leave from school, the kind of products we buy from the school canteen (whether they are local products or products that have been produced, transferred and packaged in another city of Greece or even imported from abroad), as well as the clothes we prefer to wear and how they end up to textile waste.
Above all, we wish to investigate our environmental consciousness, that is, the degree to which we acknowledge the direct and indirect impact of our own activities to the environment.

Onderwerp project


Beschrijf hoe u van plan bent het vastgestelde probleem te onderzoeken en welke gegevens u van plan bent te analyseren.

As soon as we make clear some environmental concepts such as carbon footprint, greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change on a common google slide, we will then proceed to carry out a number of measurements both from the ground but also from satellites with the aid of the EO browser, concerning the emissions of greenhouse gases over the wider area of our school and how they affect the quality of life of the people who live within it.
Through questionnaires that students will design on their own and will distribute electronically to the rest members of the school community, we will investigate our everyday activities concerning our transportation (the means we use and whether they emit gases), our food (whether it is processed or not) and our clothes (whether they can be recycled or even upcycled).
To the achievement of the above goals, we intent to collaborate with other schools from our country as well as from schools from abroad through an eTwinning project. We will thus have the chance to exchange ideas and survey techniques and take part in a number of common activities.
Our outmost goal is to make everyone involved realize that since we are part of the problem we ought to be part of its solution. Sustainability is not just a goal, but an everyday process towards turning ourselves into active ecologists and consequently, our school into an eco-school that will constitute a role model to the other schools to follow.

Uw feedback

Feedback van deskundigen Fase 1 - 2023-2024
Is het voorgestelde probleem een probleem dat de leerlingen echt kunnen onderzoeken? Is het haalbaar, realistisch? Leg uit waarom of waarom niet. Is de relatie met het klimaat/lokale milieu uitgewerkt? Geef waar nodig de bredere wetenschappelijke context aan waartoe het geïdentificeerde probleem behoort.