Hulpmiddelen voor in de klas

Here teachers will find inspirational resources to engage students to learn about Earthā€™s climate and how to monitor our planet from space.


Primary classroom resources


Weather vs Climate



From the ground and from the sky

Analysing and understanding images of planet earth taken from space

The ice is melting


How can we investigate the effects of melting ice?


One year on Earth


Understanding seasons

Nose up high in the sky

Observing and measuring weather conditions

Earth under the lid


Understanding the greenhouse effect

Secondary classroom resources

Infrared Webcam Hack

Using infrared light to observe the world in a new way

Highways of the Oceans


Sea currents and the connection to climate


Sea ice from space


Investigating Arctic sea ice and its connection to climate

The greenhouse effect

Het broeikaseffect en de gevolgen ervan - Onderzoek naar de opwarming van de aarde

After the storm


After the storm – Tracking Hurricane Matthew and analysing its impact