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Vegetation and Forestry

Vegetattion after lockdown

Date : 28/08/2020
Number of team members : 1
Team member age : 15 years old
What source did you use for the image : EO Browser
Link to image : View website

The chosen image presents a large area that includes two of the biggest cities in Spain: Madrid and Valencia, who are both affected by three main pollutants: nitrogen dioxide, PM10 and finally ozone, which is prevalent during hot weather and can spread over long distances. All these substances lead to a decrease in vegetation health. The yellow and red colour of the areas surrounding cities suggests a low plant density even considering the Mediterranean climate and high mountainous terrain.

Over the past months, the satellite images confirmed a considerable regeneration of forests due to the Covid-19 quarantine, but the vegetation is not even close to a full recovery that would ensure a healthy environment for all its inhabitants.

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