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Snow, Ice and glaciers


Date : 27/08/2020
Number of team members : 1
Team member age : 15 years old
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A year has passed since the commemoration ceremony of the first lost glacier due to global warming – Okjökull. For this glacier a bronze plaque with a message for the future generations was unveiled.

Okjökull was located in the western part of the main island of Iceland, which is 101.826 square kilometers, the entire country measuring 103.000 square kilometers of land; 23% of the surface represents vegetation, 62,7% represents tundra, 3,3% – lakes and 11% – glaciers.

Okjökull was atop mountain Ok and it lost its status as a glacier in 2014. In 1890, it measured 16.000.000 square meters but in 2012 it measured only 700 square meters. What can still be seen shows very easily the disastrous effects of the global warming.

Scientists say that all the glaciers in Iceland are in danger and this will happen to all of them.

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