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Natural landscapes

Australian Fires

Date : 23/08/2020
Number of team members : 1
Team member age : 14 years old
What source did you use for the image : Flickr
Link to image : View website

This image portrays an Australian fire that has been regularly occurring in this country. This devastating wild fire has caused about 27 million acres of damage, killing around 29 people and destroying about 2500 homes. It is estimated that 1.25 billion animals have been lost and climate change is to be blamed. Amid this season of fire Australia encountered several heat waves and along with that human activities are also to be blamed for the bush fire. Apart from the immense land destruction, the massive fire led to the release of a lot of poisonous green house gasses into the atmosphere as well. These disasters won’t end unless people are willing to be the change. Till then the dreams, hopes and lives will keep being turned into ashes.

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