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Atmosphere and air pollution

Australia Fires

Date : 03/09/2020
Number of team members : 1
Team member age : 14 years old
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Australia’s lethal forest fires started with small bushfires that sparked in September 2019. These forest fires spread throughout the country and burned approximately 50 million acres. They continued till February 2020.

Countless animals were affected and at least thirty four people died. Places like New South Wales and Victoria were affected very badly and more than 6000 houses were destroyed by the fires. Reports say that there had been a drought since 2017 which contributed to these massive fires. The climate, being hot and dry contributed a lot to the whole disaster too.

Researchers have confirmed that climate change caused by humans had an impact on the devastating wildfires. These human-caused changes in the climate are making these highly risky conditions that led to extensive burning about 30 percent more likely than they were in 1900. But the wildfires are very complex and hard to understand so researchers are still arguing about what exactly caused the fires. Although a lot of damage has been done already, if humans start getting more conscious about climate changes, it may be possible to prevent any more damage.

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