Project gallery @home edition 2020

Climate Detectives @home is an ESA education project that challenges, students aged 12 – 18 years, and families to monitor our planet from home by looking from above.

From their vantage point in space, astronauts and satellites can see both the beauty and the fragility of our planet. You can also observe Earth from home and work like a real Earth scientist!

Participants were asked to choose an Earth observation image, using the EO Browser online tool, the ESA Earth Observation Image of the week gallery or the ESA astronauts’ Flickr accounts. In addition to the image, participants had to provide a short description linking the image to a climate problem.


Project title: Vegetattion after lockdown

Category: Vegetation and forestry

Author: Ioana Stoica Student’s age: 15 years old

Image source: EO Browser


The chosen image presents a large area that includes two of the biggest cities in Spain: Madrid and Valencia, who are both affected by three main pollutants: nitrogen dioxide, PM10 and finally ozone, which is prevalent during hot weather and can spread over long distances. All these substances lead to a decrease in vegetation health. The yellow and red colour of the areas surrounding cities suggests a low plant density even considering the Mediterranean climate and high mountainous terrain.
Over the past months, the satellite images confirmed a considerable regeneration of forests due to the Covid-19 quarantine, but the vegetation is not even close to a full recovery that would ensure a healthy environment for all its inhabitants.

Images and descriptions are submitted by the teams/individuals and they take the full responsibility of the shared data.

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