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Team: CVG team ESO 3B

Spain 13 years old   15 / 15

Project title:

Climate change in Sierra Nevada

Research question

The Colegio Diocesano Virgen de Gracia in Granada near Sierra Nevada, a designated National Park since 1989, seeks to engage students in studying climate change impacts on the region, fostering environmental awareness.

Identify the local environmental/climate problem you want to investigate

The Colegio Diocesano Virgen de Gracia is located in Granada at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, which belongs to the Cordilleras Béticas, specifically in the Penibetic system.
In 1989 it was declared a National Park, one of the reasons being its unique flora, fauna, geomorphology and landscape.
The Sierra Nevada ski resort, the most southerly in Europe, is located right here.
Being so far south, the town of Granada has been affected by drought for some time now, so we would like to propose to our students to investigate how climate change is affecting the National Park and the different economic activities that take place in it, thus creating environmental awareness among future generations.

Project topic

Climate change

Describe how you plan to investigate the problem identified and which data you plan to analyse.

We plan to use data from the university of Granada, and also using pictures from satellites

Your feedback

Expert feedback Phase 1 - 2023-2024
Is the suggested problem a problem that the students can actually investigate? Is it feasible, realistic? Please explain why or why not. Is the relation with climate/local environment worked out? Where necessary indicate the wider scientific context to which the identified problem belongs.