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Climate Detectives from Cluj – Climate detectives
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Climate change

Climate Detectives from Cluj

Type : 2019-2020
Date : 21/05/2019
School name : Technical College Ana Aslan
Student's age : 14-15
Number of team members : 8
Summary of the project : Climate detectives are a small detective team who wants to know more about global warming and know what we can do to fight it. We investigated the air heating in Cluj-Napoca for 4 months.
Main results : In these 4 months, we noticed some more special phenomena, but we also measured the air temperature and the amount of precipitations that were dropped, then we compared them with the past few years and we noticed that the rain drops and the temperature increases.
Actions to help lessen the problem : New Diamond 502 after these measurements and comparisons we have embellished the places around our school and told all our friends and acquaintances what we have discovered and promised to take into account what we have said to them by cycling more often and less often with cars and means of public transport
Location : Cluj-Napoca

Images and descriptions are submitted by the teams/individuals and they take the full responsibility of the shared data.

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