Climate Detectives Kids Activities 2023-2024

Activity: Climate for schools – The water cycle

Școala Gimnazială “Emil Isac”   Cluj-Napoca   Romania

Describe what your team has done and tell us more about what your team has learnt:

On the occasion of the International Water Day, on April 22, 2024, I presented the students with data about the amount of water that exists on the Earth’s surface, about drinking water resources that can be polluted, standing water, flowing water. They made plastic creations about the rules for protecting water and we made an experiment through which we demonstrated how batteries can pollute water if they are not properly recycled and end up in the water. I put several used batteries in a jar with clean water. The students noticed that after hours the water changed color, and after a few days it was brown and polluted. They thus understood how important it is to protect water and recycle waste.

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