Climate Detectives Kids Activities 2023-2024

Activity: Paxi-Day,night,and the seasons

Școala Gimnazială „Preda Buzescu ” Vlădaia   VLĂDAIA   Romania

Describe what your team has done and tell us more about what your team has learnt:

We learned with Paxi that the rotational movement is the movement that the Earth makes around its own axis in about 24 hours.
The direction of rotation is from west to east.
the alternation of days and nights: the Earth alternately exposes a part of its surface to the Sun;
time variation on the globe

The revolution is the movement of the Earth around the Sun in an imaginary orbit. It occurs in 365 days and 6 hours or in 366 days in a leap year.
the inequality of days and nights
uneven heating of the earth’s surface
formation of seasons
the formation of heat zones (one warm, two temperate, two cold).

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