Climate Detectives Kids Activities 2023-2024

Activity: Bee Hive with AI

2nd and 3rd Primary Schools of Nea Erythraia   Αθήνα   Greece

Describe what your team has done and tell us more about what your team has learnt:

The students investigated biodiversity using satellite data from the OE browser, analyzing how regional biodiversity changes over time. They then explored the vital role of bees in sustaining biodiversity through pollination and the food chain. To address bee health, they proposed a technology-based solution: a smart beehive that monitors bee well-being. They first created 3D bee models from recycled materials and then they used them to create and train a “Google Teachable Machine” model to distinguish pollen-carrying bees. Next, they created a program using the Pictoblox blocked based software and the Machine learning model to allow beekeepers to remotely monitor the hive’s health.

Project presentation


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