Climate Detectives Kids Activities 2023-2024

Activity: Weather vs Climate – Understanding the difference between weather and climate

Kindergarten of Rodopolis   Rodopoli Attica   Greece

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Weather is a daily focus in kindergarten, where pupils begin their day by checking the weather. Our team follows suit, observing and presenting their own weather reports. This activity also teaches students valuable skills in data collection and statistical analysis.
To conclude this weather exploration, students voted for their favorite weather by stacking their drawings, ultimately determining the winner. Following this, we delved into the study of the Earth and climate zones. Using Google Earth, we explored various countries and cities, their weather with their respective zones.
Our friend Paxi engaged students with questions differentiating weather and climate, with green and blue representing climate and weather, respectively. After watching Paxi’s video on the greenhouse effect, students contemplated the future if humans fail to take necessary measures to mitigate the greenhouse effect. Their conclusion: a Mars-like existence on Earth, with a lack of oxygen, necessitating the use of masks for breathing.

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