Climate Detectives Kids Activities 2023-2024

Activity: Floods

STEM Scouts, 1stSeaScoutsN.AnchialosVolos   Νέα Αγχίαλος Βόλου   Greece

Describe what your team has done and tell us more about what your team has learnt:

By studying the types of flood and the causes that cause them, we saw related videos!!
We experimented with how flooding is avoided by deepening rivers.
We built a rain gauge and dealt with recording the monthly rainfall from Meteorological Services.
We studied how Dutch engineers built floating houses to reduce property damage due to flooding.

We created a Flood Alert with an Arduino uno Level Water Sensor and 3 led lights, which warn of the height of the water at the moment the phenomenon develops!!
At the end we experimented with Archimedes’ Screw and how it can help in pumping water!!

Projects are created by the teams and they take the full responsibility of the shared data. ← All activities