Climate Detectives Kids Activities 2023-2024

Activity: Hurricanes, Waterspout & Atmospheric Pressure

STEM Scouts, 1stSeaScoutsN.AnchialosVolos   Νέα Αγχίαλος Βόλου   Greece

Describe what your team has done and tell us more about what your team has learnt:

The children learned through videos, how the storm systems work: Typhoon, Waterspout & Atmospheric Pressure.
Also, the profession of Meteorologist and Hurricane Hunter.
Through Unity’s program, the children were trained to simulate a tornado and experimented at levels F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 understanding the effects of Natural Disasters.
The children built a stirrer out of Lego Spike, which was placed in a container of water, where a Waterspout formed…!!!
Next, we studied Barometric Pressure by building a Balloon Barometer.
Downloaded an App, a Digital Barometer and studied the Hectopascals (hPa) …..
The children were thrilled with the experiment of a balloon filled with water and the pressure created by a burning paper towel inside a container !!!

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